Project Description

Poly Pong is a brick breaker and pong inspired game reimagined to provide a quality introduction to the Oculus Go.

The gameplay is quick, simple, and heavily re-playable by encouraging players to beat their personal high score and that of their friends.

The aesthetic of Poly Pong is geometric and colorful, where an interactive world responds with sound and light.

The goal of this project is to be approachable and accessible showcase of the Oculus Go.

Project Vision

My vision is to have something fun and effective by taking advantage of the display, the audio, and the remote. This will be done by having high quality visuals, real time ambisonics, and unique remote interactions.

The play design will be a simple brick breaker but play time will be accelerated by using simple pong mechanics. The complexity of the levels are dictated by the complexity of the world’s geometry and the size of paddles.

This game will not isolate any user due to a lack of consideration. This game will be accessible, so people with limited motor skills can have fun.

Accessibility to all is a priority in the development process.

What I Will Do With Funding

1. Improve Game Design

2. Multiplayer Integration

4. Quest Integration

5. Marketing

About Me

I have been leading VR development for 3 years. My most recent release for the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear, PBS Space Time VR, has a 4.5 average review and remains in the top free application. Using my expertise and the people who I have made amazing applications with, I want to make something fun and light. VR is new for so many people, and the current applications available in the store do no curate to new users. Let's change that!


June 2019