Blog Post 1

Boot camp was a blast. The combination of inspirational talks and conversations has me excited to use the month of July to craft and pursue something solely born from the Oculus Launch Pad Program. It is tough but it’s already super fun.

Since boot camp, I have been visiting family. My life has been a combination of planes, trains, and time spent with loved ones. This quality time reinforced how important accessibility is to me as a developer. When showing off the Oculus Go, I hated seeing those I care about struggle. The majority of applications are not friendly to those that have disabilities like limited motor skills or to users who are not tech-savvy. It doesn’t have to be this way! Now that I’m home, I am going to get serious about accessibility. I will research and play to figure out how I can make VR something for everyone.

Blog Post 2

This week has been filled with play and games. I have split this week into dedicating time in these two categories. Thank you to the group for the killer suggestions for my road trip. Taking my Go traveling has been incredible. I love this device so much! My current favorite game is Virtual Virtual Reality and my favorite experience is The Turning Forest.

When not playing, I researched games. I never made a game in my career as a Unity Developer! I have been reading the literature referenced in Robin Hunicke’s talk and have been delving into some basic game mechanics. I expanded on a demo of Pong I made last month and have been readapting Space Invaders for the Go. I don’t know where these experiments will lead me, but I have been having a lot of fun putting these old arcade games in VR!

Blog Post 3

This week was full of collaboration. I shared my ideas with people who I respect and received great feedback. Everything is coming together. Talking and discussing with others has me so excited to get my pitch deck together for Friday.

I also met up with some Launch Pad friends in Baltimore! This was hosted by Paul Lai where I got the chance to meet Adam Parsons as well. What a lovely weekend!

Blog Post 4

This week I answered these questions:
1. Why does my application need to be immersive?
2. Why does my application deserve an audience?
3. Is it as engaging as possible?

Previous design choices did not address these as effectively as desired so I worked on another iteration of my pitch that answers the above.

I have also been up to some other things! I started a new position as a AR/VR developer at Viacom, I polished up last week’s game jam product so I can make a generic wack-a-mole game, and I experiented with vr tools for making art assets. With the goal of prototyping, tilt brush is my favorite but putting it into Unity was a pain. Medium and Blocks are better for exporting.

Blog Post 5

This week I began prototyping 3dof tools for the Go. I began with a saber, a wand, chopsticks, and a hammer. For my game, I want to break free of the typical controller with a laser pointer, so I am continuing these experiments until I get both a nice collection and a solution for my application. Personally, I really enjoyed the hammer and the chopsticks. This week I am going to grow this tool kit and do some play testing to see what other find satisfying.

Blog Post 6

After the midpoint check-in, I talked at the NYC Unity Developer Group about my personal pet peeves in mobile VR, how to design for the Oculus Go and some tools I use for prototyping applications. It was so much fun! I got a chance to articulate my thoughts on a topic I am passionate about to a group of equally passionate developers!

In addition, I made a generic sample framework that has all the functionality needed to be published on the Oculus mobile marketplace. This has already made my life so much easier when prototyping. I can have an application that feels polished instantly because basic functionality is something I can just drop in.

Blog Post 7

On the technical side of things, I have been changing the way the puck moves in my game and the physics of the ball. I want my game to not rely on the Unity physics system.

I have also been exploring the world my game lives in. At the moment, everything is generic with simple textures. I am changing this by drawing inspiration from Polly Pocket toys and the artist Massimo Uberti. Both the toys and the artist play with scale and transforming the physical world. This is still in progress, but I am excited for how it is turning out. Below is some images from this development process.

Blog Post 8

I have been implementing music functionality. I want the worlds and game play to be generated by music files.

The following image demonstrates where I am with my work. These cannons fire based on notes, and then I “smash” them with the Oculus Go controller. Currently smashing Lovefool by the Cardigans

Blog Post 10

Thank you so much Maria and Gordey for having Hess and I swing by the NYU Game Center to test out our prototypes! Ryan from Conjure Strike came by too. Such a wonderful Launch Pad Reunion 🙂

Got a lot of feedback that I am so excited to implement. These people know how to make VR amazing.

Blog Post 11

This week I have been altering game play and polishing.

The final submission date is coming on very quickly. Wow. OC5 is this week too. So much going on!

I am staying calm and going through all my to-do lists. The facebook troubleshooting sessions were so useful! I had a few things that I was scratching my head over which have been solved.